Death Metal made in Luxembourg

About Theophagist

Founded in 2015 by a group of friends, Theophagist symbols today the reincarnation of a project long believed dead. Picking up where they left off a decade ago, Theophagist bring you finest Death Metal made in Luxembourg.

Influenced by many great Thrash, Black, and Death Metal artists, old and new alike, Theophagist finally uncovers with the first album “I Am Abyss” what has been for 4 years in the making.

Their variety of styles and dynamic stage appearance made it possible for Theophagist to share various venues with amazing national and international artists like Desdemonia (LU), Theotoxin (AT), Black Bleeding (BE), Fractal Universe (FR), Abstract Rapture (LU), Ashes in Blood (BE), Tulsadoom (AT), Infected (BE), Feradur(LU/DE), Cosmogon (LU), Lockdown (FR), Torment Of Souls (DE) and many others.


I Am Abyss (Ablum, Artwork) I Am Abyss (Ablum, Artwork)

I Am Abyss

Type: Album

Genre: Death Metal

Released: February 22, 2020

Label: Independent

Formats: CD, Digital


Sven Schosseler – Vocals

Tiago Perdiz – Guitar, Backing Vocals

Jo Conter – Guitar

Ben Schreiner – Bass

Michel Conter – Drums


Theophagist has its roots in the years 2007 - 2009, when most of the current members – Jo Conter, Michel Conter, Ben Schreiner and Sven Schosseler – were making music together under a different name. Actually, Apocalypse - Redux, the last song on the album “I Am Abyss” was written during that time.

Fast-forward to beginning 2015, so after a few years break and other projects in between, Michel and Jo got together with Yannick Gaasch to build something new. Michel took again over as drummer, Jo as guitarist and Yannick assumed his role as Bassist. Tiago Perdiz joined soon after as second guitarist and Bob Wintersdorf as vocalist – Theophagist was born.

Under this initial formation the first few songs were composed, including some lyrical drafts and a general topic for further song-writing. Unfortunately, the members found themselves in different places and, after long consideration, Bob left the band mid-2016.

After some unsuccessful castings, Michel reached out to Sven if he’d be willing to resume his role as vocalist for the new formation. Even though not fully sold on the idea, Sven gave it another try – it proved itself a fitting match by now.

By end of 2017, due to personal circumstances, Yannick left the band. Soon after, his shoes were filled by Jacques Biver who played the bass at first and also proposed the idea of experimenting with him as a third guitarist. However, also Jacques left due to personal circumstances in December of 2018.

Being Bassist-less for almost a year and having the debut album release right around the corner, Ben seized the opportunity to become a member again in November 2019. It is the reason why Theophagist is today considered a reincarnation of a project long believed dead.

After making music together for 5 years, the band released on February 22, 2020 their debut album I Am Abyss.